Dove Creek Nursery, LLC is a "full-service" company offering landscape designs customized to your likes and needs, water efficient irrigation systems, and complete plantings. We strive for minimal chemical use and organic fertilizers. Our goal is a cleaner environment and healthy soil; both of which enhance the health of the plants and the homeowner. At Dove Creek Nursery, our Maintenance Division also follows these principles.


Edible Landscapes
A new focus for Dove Creek Nursery is to have the landscape return more than beauty to the homeowner. We are strong proponents of edible landscaping where some of the annuals are actually edible vegetables, some shrubs are edible fruits, and some shade trees are fruit bearing.

An edible landscape can be beautiful, artistic, and a healthy environment while producing very nutritious foods. To that end, we shun chemicals and petroleum based fertilizers, and use organic methods to maintain the landscape.

Working with natural stone, manufactured blocks, or wood Dove Creek Nursery builds retaining walls and planter beds. Sitting areas are often built into the design, as are stone stairways to access the patios we build.


Our walkways are also built of flagstone, pavers, or gravel that lead the curious eye to see what is around the corner. An
arbor-trellis-patio combination can transform a backyard into an inviting and private place.

Landscaping Maintenance
At Dove Creek Nursery, a division of our business performs monthly and seasonal maintenance activities. We provide fertilizing, pruning, edging, mulching, general clean-up, and more!

Water Features

Dove Creek Nursery's water features typically are small ponds with waterfalls. They are self-contained, low maintenance, mini-ecosystems which add elements of peace and diversity to the larger ecosystem.